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Paris Gold Conference 2018


We are happy to announce the destination for Gold Conference 2018 - Paris!

If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting one of the greatest cities of the world, now you can make that dream come true. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to discover the world capital of fashion and one of the most beautiful cities in the entire globe - at the 2018 Gold Conference.

Paris is one of the most popular cities on the entire globe, featured in countless novels, movies, paintings and sculptures. It is the capital of fashion, vibrant with unique style and atmosphere, loved especially by artists, but also tourists from all around the world. The city is famous for its monuments, shops, museums, cafés and parks, where anyone can find something for themselves: from Louvre, through Eiffel Tower to famous modernistic Centre Pompidou! 

Get a taste of Parisian Live Style for 6 days by enjoying Tartines with butter and jam, fluffy croissants, pain au chocolats with orange juice and café au lait; traveling around on a bike; tasting the best Éclairs, macarons, tar te tatin or famous crêpes; discover the best fashion shops, such as Chanel, Didier Ludot, Capel Store and much, much more

Visit the largest triumphal arch in Europe - ARC DE TRIOMPHE, see yourself the most representative landmark in Paris - EIFFEL TOWER, take a tour to legendary cathedral - NOTRE DAME and feel the royalty in LOUVRE

Are you ready to meet us in Paris? Read qualification rules here and join us in Paris 2018

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